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We have over 40 years of experience supporting people to achieve their aspirations and inclusion in their local communities.

We have a team of experienced and community connected staff who support people to achieve their individual goals.

With modern training facilities across multiple sites, we offer work readiness and vocational training opportunities directly related to individual career goals and local job opportunities.

We offer a full range of NDIS supports. Our strength is supporting people to live more independently at home and in the community. We also provide specialist accommodation, therapy supports and assist people to be work ready. 

Participants and jobseekers engage in a practical learning environment and move through four phases. This includes job search journey, skills building programs, employment opportunities and support whilst at work.

We are independently rated by the Government as the leading jobactive employment provider in the Sydney North and Sydney West Regions.

Address: Shop 1-2, 91-99 Mann Street
 Gosford NSW 2250

 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
 Saturday - Sunday Closed

Phone: 02 4337 4200


1: Street parking
2: Gosford station car park (9 min/ 600m walk)

3: Gosford Station to Ability Options site is a 12 min walk

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We'd love to look after you at one of our locations, to help you feel at home. 

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Ability Options helping you achieve your aspirations and inclusion in the community

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Ability Options Gosford

Shops 1-2, 91-99 Mann Street, Gosford NSW 2250

Ability Options Gosford

Shops 1&2, 91-99 Mann Street, Gosford NSW 2250

Gosford office exterior photo
Gosford office interior photo
Gosford office interior photo

“They found a role to suit my needs, and continued to support me with Post Placement Support, Work clothing and to get my very own Chef knife set”

Alex - jobactive Participant

People we support

“I got the approval and funding and then we went straight over to Ability Options, met with Kristy, and she matched us up with wonderful carers. I got on with them so well, they motivated me, they were like my sisters and my friends; they were my eyes. They really changed my life”

Julie - NDIS Participant

Alex - jobactive Participant
Julie - NDIS Participant
Siobhan - Workready Participant

"This program has introduced me to new opportunities and offers great activities to try, like the Jamie Oliver cooking course I did recently"

Siobhan - WorkReady Participant


Our Services

We offer the right service across NSW and ACT for whatever stage you are at in life. 

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  • WorkReady
  • PaTH
  • Employment Service Provider
  • Recruitment agency
  • NDIS
  • Assistance with daily life
  • Transport
  • Consumables
  • Assistance with social and community participation
  • Assistive technology
  • Home modifications
  • Coordination of supports
  • Improved living arrangements
  • Increased social and community
  • Finding and keeping a job
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved learning
  • Improved life choices
  • Improved daily living
  • Attendant Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Psychometric testing
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Early Intervention
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Vocational support services
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Come along to one of our upcoming WorkReady Open Day in Gosford to discover how we can prepare you for the workforce and assist you to achieve your career and life goals. 

These open days are a perfect opportunity you to meet our friendly and dedicated team and find out more about our dynamic WorkReady service. So don't miss out, register today!

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Our Services

We offer the right service across NSW for whatever stage you are at in life. 

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Address: 9 Watt St, Gosford NSW 2250 

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Phone: 13 24 68 

Gosford Centrelink Office 

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